Abridged Commentary Part 0-53

Probably one of our most popular issue covers. We launched 0-53 ‘Relapse’ at RUA Red in Summer 2018. It was the final issue in our first ever issue trilogy – preciently, the ‘contagion’ trilogy – preceded by 0-51 ‘Wormwood’ and (of course) 0-52 ‘Contagion’. Somehow it feels appropriate that ‘Relapse’ is the one we’ve started with as we circle back and revisit our past in this ‘reZoning’ process. It goes without saying that it’s an eerie homecoming for the tentative early days of 2022 when we’re writing this… Relapse was a nod to our inevitable repeats, the ‘ultimate imposition of the circular’ in our lives, whether we have any awareness or control over it or not. It was one of our classic A4 landscape issues. (On this flip-side of the pandemic, we’ve added a mobius strip for good measure.)

Abridged 0-53 was funded by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland

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Cover Image: Tara Wray

GIF: @yolkypalky