Abridged Commentary (Part 0 – 17)

This is the first of the ‘contemporary’ or ‘adult’ abridged issues ( a reminder – we’re reZoning issues by number, not date so for instance we’ve already reZoned 0 – 10, 0 – 13 and 0 – 14 even though are much later than 0 -17 – you’ll get the hang of it). Most magazines that have been around for any length of time ‘grow up’ in public and Abridged is no different. The is the first issue where we can say we liked the paper, the design and the even the feel/smell of it though not the binding particularly. The cover was by George Shaw, another of our favourite artists, who also did the cover of 0 – 18: Absence which was the companion issue to Time. We had a different editor then too though the overall Abridged outlook was beginning to emerge and people we’re starting to take notice. We’d also exiled fiction for aesthetic and practical reasons more than anything – we have only so many pages and poetry looks better on a page. It would be 15 years before fiction graced our pages again in the Nothing To Look Forward To But The Past issue. Time features quite heavily across the Abridged years. This figures.




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